In a World Like This.


Look around yourself. Go out on a walk and observe silently. What do you see? People? Trees? Automobiles? Now go and stand in front of the mirror and take a look at yourself and ask “How do I relate with this world?” “Am I good enough to live in this place?” “Is this world right enough to live in?” And trust me, you will be surprised by the answers you will get. The fact itself will surprise you that you have never ever asked these question to yourself before. Everyone on this planet, in one way or another, is living in monotony. Following the same routine, seeing the same faces, going to the same places every single day(put aside the nomads). And the interesting yet scary part is, we never realize this! Β What we all need to do is go out there and explore wildly. Having new experiences is just as important as your boring, everyday job. Try living alone for a while. Be broke. Meet new people and engage into crazy conversations. If you have any problem doing the last thing, go and read out my previous post. So what I’m trying to say here is, be open and vulnerable to new experiences. Not only this will add that buzz to your life but it’ll also help you learn some crucial lessons that no one ever is going to teach you.


One of the secrets to a happy living is to have a purpose. Once you know what your purpose is, work your ass off to serve it. Sleepless nights, restless days, blood and sweat, put every damn thing on the line for it. Ask yourself at the end of everyday, ‘Did you put in enough effort today to get yourself a little bit closer to your purpose?’ If yes, keep it up! If no, work harder! And don’t just keep the things you know to yourself. Share it with as many people as you can. You might be of some help for someone and also, people will get to know that you are smart and you know stuff!! But a lot of people have special powers to turn every positive thing into negative. You’ll find people with such powers all around you. Maybe the person sitting next to you is one of them! So, how do you overcome this power of negativity? The answer lies within those three magical words. Oh it’s not what you are thinking. The words are ‘Let-It-Be’. Maybe the most powerful words that could push away all the negativity and the problem in a snap. Let not all of the bullshit bother you and take you down. All those greedy, selfish, mean people are going to be there no matter what you do. So why not try letting them do their job and you do your own; which is to stay positive and work towards your goal, your purpose. And music will always be there to get you through with this. Listen to ‘Let It Be’ by The Beatles or ‘Life is Worth Living’ by Justin Bieber. Maybe you’ll get to know what I mean.

I think this is enough motivation for you guys. At least for a little while. So just try following what you read above, adapt that in your life and see the change! Hope this helps in one way or another. I would love to hear from you guys. What you have to do is just ask those questions to yourself and try to find out the answers. Buzz me on Whatsapp or in the comments and let me know what you get. I’d love to see what do you guys think and feel about yourself and the world around you. So till the next post, Happy Self-realization!!

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