“We need to Talk”


Joy and sorrow are just like the two different sides of the same coin. The only thing that matters is that you keep flipping the coin to stay right on the edge. But sometimes its good to share the coin with someone just to make your pocket a little bit lighter for a while, isn’t it? So how do you make your pocket a little lighter? No. You do not give away the money outta your pockets. You are stupid if you are taking it literally. What you do is share the joy and the sorrow with someone who you feel is good enough to talk to. Just to let you know, it does not matter if it’s someone you already know or someone you’ve just met on a bus or in a metro. What matters is how comfortable you are with the other one and how easy that person is to talk to. One of the reasons why we restrain ourselves from talking to a stranger or a random person is that *the bitter truth* we are so into appearances. But what we all need to know is that what we see is just a layer that needs to be uncovered. And the key to do so is to converse. Nothing can open up a person better than a good, tight conversation. All that needs to be done is go up to the person, smile and pull out a “Hi” or a “Hey” or whatever you feel is right. The moment you do that you’ll find the other person smiling at you. Or maybe at least faking one. And that’s it.

Starting a conversation is one thing and holding it is another. You wouldn’t want to initiate a conversation and then stand there like an idiot turning heads in all the directions. Pick up a good, interesting topic and shoot! No one’s ever going to slap you for talking to them about a random thing. That is what we all need to know and learn about the people. Yes, there are a lot of different people around us. And no, not everyone’s the same. But when it comes to talking, who wouldn’t be interested in having a laugh about how Rahul Gandhi sleeps in Lok Sabha and calls it intense listening, or bitch about how bad the traffic is? The point here is, do not hold yourselves back and not talk to someone just because you are not confident enough or because of their appearance. Stating the old and famous quote by, I don’t know whom, but it says “Do not judge a book by its cover.” Talking not only helps you grow verbally, but it also builds up your confidence. And moreover, it spreads joy. Try smiling at the man in the sanitary department in your office and ask him how he has been doing. You’ll instantly feel his happiness and see it on his face. That’s what it’s about people. Talking never harms anyone but spreads joy and divides sorrows.

So how exactly do you walk up to someone and start a conversation out of nowhere?

The rules are simple. Smile. Initiate subtly. And ease into a conversation. This one’s a bit complex but hey, “Practice is the key to success!” Always know where and when to put a period. Not everyone is comfortable talking to a stranger beyond a certain point of conversation. Be polite and please, keep your hands and other body parts to yourselves. Maintain that distance. Confidence will take you a long way ahead. And the moment the other person starts talking, turn your body fully towards them to let them know that you are interested and are listening to what they are saying.

So the basics have been stated. All you need to do is throw away the “appearance ka chashma”, break the barriers and get talking.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading. Stay tuned for more. Peace out!




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