The One with Winnie the Pooh.


Maybe not yellow skinned, but we all want friends like Winnie the Pooh who always make us happy. Just even looking at their face would bring a smile to our face. But we can’t deny the fact that everyone has a cartoon of their own in the shape and size of a normal human being, labeled as friend. No matter what the situation is, a friend always knows how to turn it into a laughter show. No matter how bad your day goes, just talking to that person makes it all go away. Whenever you are down, they would turn into jokers to make you go nuts.

Friendship doesn’t need time to grow. All it need is that perfect connection between two people. So whether it’s that girl you know since childhood or the guy you just met at work or that crazy group from school time, what matters is how well you get along with each other. And the only way to find it out is…you don’t. Friendship isn’t something that can be found out. It’s something you just know when you have it.  It’s that spark when you meet them with your inner voice saying, “That’s the crazy creature that is going to make you laugh for the rest of your life!” It all can begin in a moment, and last for a lifetime.


30th of July or the first Sunday of August, every year people all around the world get high on friendship and show their love to their friends by tying a friendship band. In Chandler and Joey’s case, a bracelet which had “Best Buds” carved on it. For every stupid, crazy and childish Joey, there’s an unbelievably   sarcastic but mature Chandler. For every unreasonable and bitchy Rachel, there’s a bossy, equally bitchy Monica. And then there’s an emotional fool like Ross or a weirdo just like Phoebe who chews her hair. No matter how crazy, stupid, bitchy or bossy, friends always look out for you. Even though sometimes they might be cruel on your face, but behind your back, one word against you and the person saying it is walking away with broken bones. Word of advice – start watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

So, all the people out there in the unfriendly world, take a moment to thank your friends who have always been there for you regardless of the times and consequences. Or maybe you can go and slap them or punch them in the belly and say “You are one hell of a friend!” -and run away from there as fast as you can because you are going to get that back! Also, much thanks to Dr. Ramon Artemio Bracho for proposing this sweet idea of World Friendship Day. Such a friendly man he would have been!


And lastly, I wish everyone a happy and rocking Friendship Day!

P.S.: Our guy Winnie the Pooh is the International Ambassador of Friendship. Yeah, so now you know the reason behind the title. Cheers!


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